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You benefit from tough lessons learned through the Students Building America research project

  1. Three different universities sponsor unrelated informal student research pilot projects:
    • University of Utah's undergraduate macro-economics class - 1993-1994
    • Southern Utah University's Business Administration department - 1996-1997
    • SUNY-University at Buffalo, NY does the 3rd pilot project - studied e-gov 2000-2002
  2. Students in each of the participating university classes all complete group homework assignments mentored by the business community as well as by some government agencies:
  3. A SUNY- UB grad. student summarizes all 3 projects' research contributions for her 1st masters theses (in accounting) - 2000
  4. Semester ends but 8 SUNY-UB grad students and their business mentors keep on going forward with their community empowerment research. - 2001
  5. The SUNY-UB school gets mad that this informal student research project has continued right under its nose without its formal school sponsorship nor its permission, plus was switched to study community empowerment principles and methods - 2002
  6. All SUNY-UB students on the team forfeit their financial aid. The project leader also forfeits her fully completed 2nd masters diploma - only 2 months before her scheduled graduation from the SUNY-UB School of Management. She also forfeits her granted admission into SUNY-UB law school - 2002
  7. Those same, 8 graduate students then founded the predecessor charity, to continue forward with their informal community empowerment research - 2002
  8. Project leader and grad student who summarized everyone else's research becomes the prior charity's volunteer executive director. - 2002
  9. Predecessor charity gains donated office space and opens its Employer Assistance Center in Springville, New York to counsel cash-strapped entrepreneurs. - 2003
  10. Everyone who comes to this clinic for help is either trying to start up a business without any start-up funding, or else is within 120 days of total business failure when they first show up seeking help. Staff is unable to help the charity clinic's clients sufficiently; even though the charity's founders were all graduate level accounting and business majors and the executive director owned a little tax practice. Despite the original charity's founders' and their business mentors' best efforts, almost 90% of these clinic clients do not survive even one more year in active business; they fail. - 2003-2004
  11. So the predecessor charity coordinates business mentored group homework assignments wherever it can find a teacher or a group of students willing to complete one.
  12. Three more universities (Bryant and Stratton College in Lackawanna NY, Utah State University, and Brigham Young University in Provo UT, plus two K-12 school districts (Cache Valley School District in Logan, UT and Springville -Griffith Institute in western NY) participate in the research via completing business mentored group homework assignments. Everyone starts studying / analyzing a supply chain glitch- the result is the managing coalition member's Business Survival 101 curriculum. Clients' success rate skyrockets with it. (78% of the original charity's clients were fiscally stable and still in ongoing business operations one year later after taking this training course.) - 2005-2006
  13. Charity submits reports on its research insights to local governments in western New York. Many of the students' research recommendations are implemented by these local governments over the next four years. 2006-2008
  14. Meanwhile, the original charity's executive director sues SUNY-UB school for permission to graduate with the masters of management information systems degree she earned in its entirety but unwittingly forfeited. Thus begins a 10-year nasty court battle of her vs. the NY state government, mostly fought Pro Se, that finally settled for a lump sum cash payment to her, but not her desired MIS diploma conferral in 2011.
  15. This personal lawsuit brings with it a whole new series of painful lessons learned, and the ripple effects of it ultimately killed the original charity too. Predecessor charity gets knocked right out of business, permanently, over the executive director's personal court battle - 2006
  16. Sponsoring QuickBooks ProAdvisor buys a hood cleaning business with her husband - 2006
  17. They use the lessons learned from this project to grow their firm and operate on less than half of the cash it takes their competitors to run on. They actually eliminated their advertising budget due to so many new, word of mouth referrals. Their contractor firm then uses the techniques from Business Survival 101 and the lessons learned to negotiate clarifications to the hood cleaning laws for the State of New York. These new laws went into effect 1-1-2010
  18. The couple walks away from their hood cleaning business in disgust. It didn't need to close. They just got sick and tired of dealing with all the fraud within their industry and so often being expected to clean commercial kitchen exhaust systems illegally and fraudulently. They left the field to do something else. She vows to find a way to stand up in opposition to the wide spread fraud, unnecessary water pollution and firefighter injuries or deaths that she witnessed while they owned their hood cleaning pressure washer contractor firm. She also promises herself to work to raise awareness of these fraud scams, plus try to find a way to help heal all of the small businesses who were getting destroyed by it or the 2 mega-supply- chain glitches going on across the entire state of New York. - 2011
  19. Local governmental officials in upstate New York ask the ProAdvisor to re-open her charity to bring it back into full business operations and to create this Classroom in the Cloud - 2012
  20. She approaches 5 of the preferred vendors team for permission to train people in how to use their products. They in turn, take an interest in this startups empowerment effort so they mentor it and they help grow it leaps and bounds into what it is today!
  21. The successor charity, Contractor Training Coalition, Inc. opens, thanks to the awesome preferred vendors who've mentored the sponsoring ProAdvisor for years - Oct. 2014