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Contractor Training Coalition, Inc

a 501c(3) non-profit charity that facilitates job growth!

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Come join our trade association! Find your business niche and/or test out your new product ideas in our entrepreneurial community sandbox! This is a fun, neutral, vendor-sourcing service. It is coordinated by a non-profit coalition of social entrepreneurs. It's a safe and nurturing place where you can go to get job skills, meet potential vendors, do some accurate marketing research, or just learn about and practice some management science tools and ethical profit-coaxing strategies hands-on. Every learning activity is done online. Many job skills practice, customized sessions get mentored by successful businesses who want to see both you and your firm succeed in business too! Social entrepreneurs believe that it is important to try to make the world a better place while we each do business. So there is an actual 501c(3) intermediary charity embedded at the heart of this coalition. Inside it, we're tackling 2 supply chain wide glitches that many businesses operating within New York State are getting hurt by .

Wondering how your restaurant or contractor firm based in New York State will ever afford its new minimum wage and workplace safety regulations? Answers are here! Trade association members from all over the USA and its friendly allies cooperate together to provide all of the services/products that our charity's clients need on an ongoing basis. Vendors each decide their own rates after your initial consults have been completed. We just provide "introductions". Find real, time-proven and affordable answers to your business pains. Sign up for $20 initial consults with industry experts. Meet remotely with our peer tutors from a bunch of different industries for one-on-one coaching. Become a paid tutor or paid mentor yourself. Get private product demos for cool technology. Membership in this trade association is free! (Never a membership dues nor sponsorship fee payable to the trade association's management.)

Our general society improvement mission is to help all firms sensibly grow your business & regain fiscal stability if needed. (In other words, start making money ethically, responsibly.)

What else makes this social media website & referral network different?

This is a job skills building and practice sandbox of online learning work meetings.