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THE RULES: What all our trade association members agree to do:

The way that the charity is licensed requires that only members of the 501c(3) non-profit trade association, Contractor Training Coalition, Inc. can take the First Stop Labs courses donated by Heal Thy Biz Online.

It doesn't cost you anything to join the association. Complete the Contact Us page to join.

    There are just a couple of behavioral rules that you must agree to:

  1. You won't close any new sales deals within the first 24 hours of a new client consult or tutoring appointment. You also agree not to exert a bunch of sales pressure on new leads or clients. (Can only submit real life bids & proposals via fax, email or snail mail)
  2. You will remember that this is a sandbox, a job skills practice forum. People are supposed to make mistakes here. It is intended to remain a safe and nurturing place to test out new product or service ideas plus learn how to bid new jobs and promote your own products and/or services. NO BULLYING OR SHARP CRITICIZING!
  3. You will remain respectful and positive in all comments and feedback that you give to your peers. They are learning. They are facing obstacles and business pains which they are trying to overcome. The last thing that they need to hear from anyone perfecting their business offerings at our community sandbox is harsh criticism or bullying tactics or lots of undue sales pressure.
  4. You agree to respect the individual creative copyrights, trade secrets and business prospectus, marketing research aspects of the other coalition members. Keep everything that your peers share with you which are their trade secrets confidential.
  5. You agree to abide by the standardized rates which the charity has set for private tutoring appointments, initial consults, etc. These rates are for the first appointment only. After that, you can charge the fellow trade association member / client any reasonable fee(s) or pricing that you see fit, but please take all follow up sales deals conversations away from the public community forums. (Please make them private conversations which take place away from the charity's smart growth sandbox.)

NOTE: To be able to earn cash, you must prepare a formal proposal of how you or your firm would like to contribute to the coalition's efforts. Then, you must be accepted onto the Sunshine Team, and/or the Building Performance team, and/or the Peer Tutor team, and/or the Shared Workforce Pool.

Proposals should appear on your business letterhead and be limited to 10 pages in length.

You can fax your proposals to (716) 402-2000 or snail mail to
Contractor Training Coalition, Inc. PO Box 31, East Concord NY 14055
or you can email them to training@hopeforstartups.org